this blog was originally designed to be my personal guidebook - a place to store the results of my research on any number of trips i may be daydreaming about and planning for some far-off someday... because isn't at least half the fun in the planning and researching and daydreaming?

however, my life is definitely in the midst of some major transition right now, and i think i'd like to use this space to cover not just my interest in all things travel related (i still dream of far-off adventures, don't worry), but also my day-to-day activities and family life. so! keep an eye out here for some self-indulgent exploration of very important topics, including gardening, cooking, crafting, pop culture, and baby fashion.

this site is intended mostly for my own personal use, and the use of a few friends, but if you find it at all interesting, please feel free to travel along with me.

i can be reached at wishiwerethere (at) gmail (dot) com.