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I'm so glad we see eye to eye on this. And I'm SO glad Pernice is going to be on there.

As for indie cred - read this, with particular emphasis on the last paragraph:



Ha! I own my love for the GGs, I'm not ashamed. I was trying to tell another friend about it recently and he looked at me funny. But I think it's the deep dark secret that indie boys watch a "teen girl" show. Rory has also been seen reading issues of The Big Takeover in her spare time--how's that for a prop?

But I also admit that I do watch the OC, though it slipped plot-wise [astounding that it could descend lower!] and music-wise this season, big time. There was a while there where the music they were playing was pretty great. (I'd never know who Halloween, Alaska was, for instance.) Not so much this season though.

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