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I will grant you that Zayra is a ...unique... talent, she would probably do better on her own or with a more eclectic band.

I agree with you - she gets points for refusing to suck up to the band. Everyone else just smiles and asks for more. ('cept my boy Lukas.)


A couple comments:

1. Best post ever.

2. You read my mind. Rock Star is legitimately the worst show of all time, yet I come back for more each week. It's methamphetamineesq in that way: I know it's bad for me, but I'm an addict.

Every week, Dave, Tommy, Gilby, and Jason praise these absolute no-talents and tell them that their performances "rocked" or "totally kicked ass" when in reality, not one of them has come anywhere near "rocking" even once. This has been nothing short of three weeks of the most forced, affected, mediocre performances ever on television. But somehow, I love it.

With that in mind, each week I talk to the television: "Guys, with the exception of Jason, you've all played in bands with some of the greatest rock and roll vocalists of ALL TIME (Vince, Axl, and Perry -- I was never really a Hetfield fan) and you thought THAT was good? Seriously?"

I can't help but to think that the answer is "no," they didn't think it was good, they've just been directed by the producers to say they liked it. Believing that would help me to sleep at night. But their reactions are so convincing, I'm not sure I believe it. I'm afraid that they might really like it.

Which leads me to the aspect of Rock Star: Supernova that is even more saddening than the pathetic performances of its contestants: Its weekly revelation that my old rock and roll icons have gone completely soft. It was bad enough when Tommy Lee, the same guy that played the drums upside down during "Wild Side," relased his solo hit single, "Good Times." Now it actually hurts me to believe that he genuinely liked the latest performance from Storn Large.

On the bright side, that one dude played a Failure song last night, and there was something sort of cool and gratifying about that. But then again, he got kicked off.


Gregg - I do have to agree with you (and my buddy Dave N.) that Zayra would do better on her own. The boys in Supernova are not forward-thinking enough to do the next-shit genius that she needs beneath her.

Also - Little Lukas? Really? Come on! Actually one element of my Rockstar Drinking Game is doing a shot every time the camera catches Jason Newsted absolutley hating Lukas. I get the feeling Jason really can't handle that little guy.

Jeremy -

1. Thanks.

2. These guys have GOT to know that all of the contestants are whack. Unfortunately I missed the very first episode so I didn't get to see if they all looked crestfallen by the end of the show, as they realized the next year of their lives would be consumed with this garbage.

3. Yeah, Phil got a small bit of respect from me for digging out Failure. But then again there's a reason why Failure never hit big time. They had one really great song on their first album, and everything else was pretty bland. The Failure singer is not really one to be emulated.

the brilliant wife (believe the hype!)

Um, honey, you are not the only person on the planet who hearts Zayra... but then again, that must be why we are two lil' peas in a pod. As you know, I definitely agree with your sentiments on the "bar band" bitches, and I'd like to make public my desire for some of those gals (or even the guys) to finagle a better song selection. If it must be grunge era, how about the Breeders, Sonic Youth, or PJ herself for a foxy female song selection? I wanna see one of those wannabe toughgirls rock "Cannonball". And wouldn't any song by the Pixies be a better choice than a played out Sublime hit? If it's merely a rights issue, then give us less Nirvana, anyhoo. Please? Ahhh, but then it wouldn't be the show we love to mock...

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