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sunshine, you gotta give that grizzly bear another chance. but yeah, midlake is cool. sometimes you have to actually LISTEN to a whole album all the way through instead of sampling a song from a blog on your computer speakers for 2 minutes nad making a decision.

patience sunshine, patience


Aw, shucks. I'll give the grizzles another chance if someone'll supply that big ol' cd for me. But based on the two minutes I heard on some duder's blog, it didn't hit me. srrsly, though, I agree that a whole album can have a bigger and better impact than a single song. If you're telling me that's the case with GB, then I'll try again... but don't even TRY to get me to put that derned Newsome broad on my stereo again!


yeah. honestly, Yellow House is not the type of album you can just hear quickly and hope to instantly get

if you actually take the time to listen to the whole thing
I'm guessing you'll really like it
incredible harmonies

I love midlake and a lot of that stuff, it's similar but IMO much more innovative and catchy


yeah screw joanna

hate it

if you don't have ten bucks to download the CD from itunes
just download it from some bitorrent site

but try listening either on nice speakers/or headphones to the whole thing
i'll be interested to hear your thoughts if you bother to do it


okay sunshine - you've convinced me to check it out in full. Next time I'm at Amoeba I'll make the purchase.


So, this Midlake track is actually great, like, really great, I like it a lot. But is the whole album good, or is it a one track wonder (too common in the indie rock world)? I anxiously await a full review.


So far all I have to go on is the other two tracks at their website. They're both really great too, but a little slower. My brilliant wife noted that if the rest of the record is really slow, it may be a bit of a let-down. I think I agree with her, but in the meantime we're both eager to hear more. In the meantime stupid christmas is getting in the way of me buying loads of crap for myself. So it may not be until the new year that I have a pile of new records to hear.

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