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ravi shankar???????????? i have to say that's pretty incredible... and really really scary....


Wow, the list actually grew between when I posted a few hours ago and now. Now Elton John is on there twice, with an extra note on the second one--"(really gay)."


"Eminmen" (their misspelling) actually may very well be the biggest homophobe in rap... why would he end up there. these people are misguided in so very many ways.


2 more things -
1. you must watch the clip at http://lovegodsway.org/DonnieDavies
for the production values alone. this guy is highly questionable, obviously, but WOW. really?
2. i love that he lists cyndi lauper as a "safe band" for you children to listen to... he obviously hasn't thought too much about the lyrics to she-bop. i doubt he would approve of, ahem, self gratification.


Not to mention - does he know who attends Cyndi Lauper concerts these days? The Gays are all she has left!

Which reminds me of my other favorite thing, which is that he insists on capitalizing Gay, like it's a nationality.

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