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Yikes! No love for the new Low.

I guess I'm coming from the perspective of someone who only arrived at their party a couple of years ago - I don't have 10 years of their history to look back on. It doesn't sound that bad to me...


you are a brave soul. i think we first bonded over a love for this band, and things we lost was the end for me as well. i tried one more record and then fled in terror. the box of 3 cds of rarities is all the other fix you might need, and the only thing the recent work does, is it actually makes the old stuff sound even more f-ing amazing than i remembered. go back and listen to the first three LPs and it won't sound like an old girlfriend, but more like finding a couple of $20 bills in the pocket of a jacket you haven't worn for years! you have to praise a band for trying to shed a certain kind of complacent consistency, but wrong turns are wrong turns... i wish i were braver, but i can't even go to the links you posted... too afraid... ugh!


Oh, I defintely have nothing but love for the earlier stuff. I actually never bought the rarities box because I had nearly all of it already--on my homemade mixtape! (Ancient...) My wife and I danced to "Two Step" at our wedding! I know it's still amazing.

But I don't know what it is, listening to Low (and Cat Power, for different reasons) puts me in a certain mindset, brings back a flood and all that. I listen to it every once in a while but can't obsess over it like I used to.


Lost in the Fire was the last "good" Low album I bought. But i got the Great Destroyer too. It isn't good. Lost in the Fire, to me, is as good as they ever were or could be honestly. I love that album. But after Destroyer was lame, I gave up.

the brilliant wife, perhaps no more?

okay, voice of dissent here - at least on this new track, not necessarily on the last couple of albums. i probably wouldn't have sought this out, because they were even kind of dead to me. anyway, i'm sorry you feel that low betrayed you, honey, but i don't think this song is all that bad. don't watch the video clip, which is indeed almost unbearable enough to make me hate the song altogether, and just listen... the song is kinda nice - kinda spare, but in a slightly new way for them. i actually like the quality he's giving his voice (minus the spewing milk and cake, har har) and my biggest beef is the cheezy, maybe 90's sounding electric guitar moments that start in the middle... no no. but i love the hand claps, and i'm down with the organ, and i can even get behind the drum machine.

WHY the video, though? no adult should feel the need to make something as irrelevant as that. it's not performance art and it's not entertainment. it's irrelevant and juvenile. the only explanation i can think of is that they are trying to get the youtube generation of kids to try them out?

maybe i was never quite as obsessed with them as you were, but you may recall that at one time we did have double copies of a lot of those albums, and i still have a big place in my heart for them. i often trust you on musical matters, but i'm making my own call here... and i'm callin' you a hater, so there.

the brilliant wife, perhaps no more?

PS - this is awesome - mimi's voice is perfect for this kind of 70's re-do of their own song. it's way better than the album version... though i don't loathe that one entirely.


Sleeping with you every night will be awkward now that you are dead to me.

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