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I liked your posts about music criticism and music blogs. I started a music blog a couple months ago (http://blog.ipickmynose.com/). I'm not going to say that I'm perfect at all. I try to write about things thoughtfully, but your posts have inspired me to think more about the writing part, especially.

Something that you and catbird, I think, touched on that I posted about a couple weeks ago is the oneupmanship that goes along with being a hipster:

Music geeks have always wanted to one-up people. "I saw x band on their first tour." "I got that album as an import a year before it was released in the U.S." Now it's the same thing, except people want to be the first to post about a band, the ones to be the tastemakers.

There are always biases, as well, and reasons that people post mp3s that are necessarily as high quality (not in the bit-rate sense): people in bands were nice to them, they are friends with someone in the band, they are getting ad revenue from the band. Some are better than others. I quite consciously, but not necessarily openly, have a bias towards San Fracisco Bay Area music--that's part of the idea of my blog. I'm more likely to post about a band that's local than a band from elsewhere, assuming everything else is the same. I think I make this pretty clear (I title those posts "local and I'm listening") but perhaps I should be even more forthcoming about it. It's a fine line.


I love it when we run negative stuff because the comments are usually so intense (and often insane). My all-time favorite was a piece by Johnny Loftus on Andrew WK. Ah, good times.

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