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I bought the crane wife in january (a 2006 release) and it's taken up much of my time since. it's my favorite of their catalogue, and had I heard it earlier, would have been my favorite of last year.

the hype surrounding the hold steady forced me to buy boys and girls last year. since then, I've been wading into the lifter puller/hold steady back catalogue and really enjoying it. how did I not know these guys before? it sounds like the RFTC of my youth, only written for my late 20's/early 30's.

the new menomena is pretty good. and initially I loved it. It hasn't taken up as much time as I thought it would though. unfortunately, it just isn't addictive enough.

saddle creek just sent out the new bright eyes to those who ordered it from the label. I've been devoting a lot of time to it, but the jury's still out. 80% of it is stylistically the same as wide awake, and I can dig that cause I loved wide awake. the other 20% just isn't sitting quite right with me yet. we'll see though.

also, since having a kid, we've developed the habit of listening to "sleep" music. Stuff that mixes well with us trying to keep a 4 month old mellow. In doing so, I've discovered the first damien rice album, and I really like it. it's on at the house constantly (for the reason stated) and I'm glad.

sorry, that was a little long, and there's more to say too, but I'll stop.


Best Decemberists ever? I may have to check it. I've been a little gun-shy with the Decemberists after their second album. I loved their first to pieces but I thought they got too schticky real quick.

Bright Eyes, I've never been too keen on. I've tried, oh I've tried. But all I ever think about is how much spit must be covering that microphone.

Never heard of menomena... and based on a quick listening station glimpse of the hold steady I couldn't figure out why people were digging them so much. But they're good? I may finally have to believe that if you're into them.

Sleep music... I hope you've got the Kings of Convenience, both albums. They're perfect.


i listened to the two midlake tracks and i can't help thinking it sounds a heck of a lot like travis - a band that seemingly had potential before starting to really stink up the place. it's always sad when there's one really crappy song on a band's first record and the second record follows the potential of that song rather than the 9 good ones... call it travisism...sorry, but everytime i hear this guy's voice i think of travis... "we gathered" started off pretty nice until that shitty synth horn solo which is really tragic... "the little ones" has potential, will have to listen more...


Pistols at dawn, Roden.


Yeah, I'm one of those Bright Eyes fans who totally gets, and appreciates people hating him. I get that he's mopey, I get that he has a lisp. I can appreciate people not liking that. But, I actually like his lispiness, and all around, really like his melodies and such.

Hold Steady took a while to grow on me. Finn's voice is grating at best, and never really much to sing along with. But the lyrics are really interesting and memorable, and the guitar rock can, often, be outstanding. Once I got over his voice, I started to really enjoy them. That's happened to me so many times in my life though, that I'm starting to become more patient. If I hear something and hate the vocals immediately, I should probably devote the next month of my life to it, cause I'll probably end up loving it.

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