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New Sea and Cake song here:



Only a few on here are likely purchases for me, but that's largely because I'm low on music-funds at the moment. I will definitely be getting the new Shellac, however. (You should absolutely get 1,000 Hurts; it's great. By the way, I also ran counter to conventional wisdom with Terraform in that I LOVED the opening track...)


Yeah, I wish I had the funds to get all these records. For me, Feist & the New Pornographers are the only ones I'll be buying the very day they come out. The rest are all dependent on cash flow and what I'm most excited about when I find myself in the store...

We have to stop talking about Shellac though. I'm at work and can't go round singing "Il Porno Star" to myself.

"porno star arrive. no english, no money..."

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