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John Spiak

6 DJs, 18 Turntables, 400 Speakers, 1 Night (9/25) @ ASU Art Museum

Arizona State University Art Museum
Tempe, Arizona

DJ Collective b3 take on Sean Duffy’s current

Arizona State University Art Museum installation…



Tuesday, September 25


Arizona State University Art Museum



THE GROVE was designed by artist Sean Duffy

as a chaotic, interactive, aural/visual/tactile

experience to address the current state of sound

bleed, or the lack there of due to isolating technologies

such as the iPOD and sound proof interior car

environments, in our society. How will this

generation find creative inspiration, such as the

HipHop artists of the early 80s living in NY found,

if they are not influenced by the active sound

bleeds of their environments?

b3 is excited to bring our DJ perspective to this unique

environment. Without the use of DJ mixers or monitors,

we will create a unique musical statement utilizing beats

and both natural and urban sounds. With 6 DJs, 18

turntables and 400 speakers, b3 will present our reaction

to Sean Duffy's artistic vision.

b3 IN THE GROVE as a performance is an interpretation

of living in a multifaceted environment. Our modern

existence is defined simultaneously by clashing urban

and natural elements, and this is reflected in THE GROVE

as an art piece. We are inspired by the installation, and

look forward to demonstrating our ideas within it.


ekb* - erin k. bailey -

Born and raised in Hawai’i , ekb* first learned about

DJ culture while at college in the Pacific Northwest .

She was immediately captivated by the music, lights,

and atmosphere, and after moving to Phoenix in 1998,

she bought her turntables and started collecting and

playing vinyl. Now a co-founding member of the

breakbeat collective b3, she spins records at a variety

of events around the valley of the sun as well as

out of state.

ill-legal? - Blake Ludera -

Beginning his career in the Chicago area, and

taking it to the next level in the AZ heat, ill-legal?

continues to devastate sound systems with anything

from the darkest, dirtiest of the broken beat genre to

the slickest, slinkiest house music. A co-founding

member of b3, ill-legal? is known for his impeccable

track selection and scratch skills.

Tik:Tok - Ryan T. Smith -

Tik:Tok was born in Tucson , Arizona and has been

spinning records for over 10 years. In 2000 he traveled

to Orlando , Florida to foster his love of breakbeat.

There was exposed and involved in a vibrant breakbeat

culture that still flourishes today. One of the co-founders

of b3, his healthy appreciation for all styles of music

creates a unique blend to the listening ear.

Miss Jag - Jennifer Shillington -

Splitting her time between Phoenix and Atlanta , Miss

Jag has rocked decks with finesse for 11 years now,

opening for international acts as well as playing all

over the country as a headliner herself. She is best

known for spinning Drum’n’Bass, but has also played

hip hop, breaks and house to receptive crowds.

DJ Psyclone - Pete Bird -

Over the course of his nearly 15-year DJ career,

Psyclone has been all over the musical spectrum.

He had several intense club residencies in Cleveland ,

OH in the mid-to-late 90’s and has also performed with

many live bands. He has never been limited to just one

genre, but is most noted for his dark, yet uplifting break

beat sets. His true passion however is raw,

4-on-the-floor house music.

d’strick - Dave Strickler -

Emerging from years of membership in local funk and

rock bands as a drummer, d’strick was blown away by

the sounds of ambient drum & bass and downtempo

dub acts in the late 90s. It was through these new

musical encounters that d’strick began to develop an

appreciation for the dj's function. Ever since then, he's

worked to develop a musical selection and style that,

whether soulful, jazzy, funky or jackin', always provides

a tight groove.

This event has been organized by ekb* - erin k. bailey of

Bound by Breaks and John Spiak, Curator, Arizona State

University Art Museum.





We look forward to having you join us!

Take care and all the best,

Arizona State University Art Museum

Tenth Street and Mill Avenue

Tempe, AZ 85287-2911

t. 480.965.2787

f. 480.965.5254

e. [email protected]

w. http://asuartmuseum.asu.edu/

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