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I still haven't heard this album yet. But I want to defend, again, "Inside and Out". First, I came to Let it Die by way of "Inside and Out". I'd downloaded the song because it was on, I think, Stylus' end-of-year singles list. Which is to say, having not heard of Feist at all, I thought of it as a pop single. After a few listens we fell in love with it (but, as you say with this post, sequencing can be everything; we listened to it on a mix alongside, like, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Annie, Basement Jaxx, Britney Spears, etc, where it fits in very well). I disagree that it has an adult contemporary feel, but it does have a 70s pop sort of sheen (silkiness, I suppose, which I gather you don't like), but which, I think, is undercut effectively, by some of the other sounds in the song... It wasn't till later that I learned that it's a Bee Gees song, or that Feist comes out of indie rock and is associated with Broken Social Scene.


And the battle rages on! In defense of that song, it is the best of the three I mentioned here. I've deselected "One Evening" and "Leisure Suite" altogether in my iTunes. And like I said over at your blog, seeing her do it live made me like the song more. I don't hate the song, it's just that there are about five others that I like more.

We'll have to continue the discussion once you've gotten the new album. Because right now I hate myself for loving "Brandy Alexander."

And speaking of "silky," I think the only other silky songs I have in my collection are from Sade's Lovers Rock. I love the album, but I guess putting Feist in the company of Sade doesn't really change my argument...


Ha, yeah.

My main point in posting the above comment was just to try to explain how the different way in which I came to the song, and different context in which I have predominantly listened to it (before finally getting Let it Die), has something to do with my different response to it. (Or, you know, maybe I simply like more than you do! Nah, that can't be right.)


You know what's funny? "One Evening" might actually be my favorite song on Let it Die. I love that song.

However, overall, I don't really love Let it Die the way you do, so, maybe my view of the entire record is just off base from yours.


Hey, you should check out Dusted's review of the new Feist record:



thanks for that link. I don't agree entirely with what the author says but it's grist for a little conversation. I may do another post tomorrow or next week.


yeah, I don't agree with the author entirely, either, particularly the blanket assumption that the current, more professional, indie music is "better" than the earlier... and yet, he makes some valid points off of that questionable assumption, so go figure.

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